Client Stories

What exactly is it that we offer? We provide solutions that will yield enormous practical benefits to the client, and are often life-changing in a positive way. This is why would like to share some real life stories.

Except for the story Fully Covered, usually a client comes to us with one or two problems that they wish to have addressed. These issues are not ends in themselves, but pieces to a bigger puzzle. For now, however, consider these standalone modules as a good way to learn about how financial planning and investment management can assist a client. Click on the sub-tabs below to get started.

Jack and Terry were spending their lives on a treadmill. Terry was a successful doctor, while Jack had his own equally successful landscaping firm. They worked long hours leaving little time for each other, let alone for other important tasks. Trying to keep up with the treadmill took all their energy, leaving no time to consider where they were heading in life.

Jack and Terry knew that they needed to look at some of the bigger issues, but didn’t wish to turn this into a third job. They worked with Contour Financial to address the long neglected areas of insurance, estate, budgeting, education planning, retirement planning and investment management. Investments were of special importance since they had always been a subject of great interest with Jack in years past. Jack told Terry after they married that he would take care of the investments. Over the years he was able to give less and less time to investments, finally becoming a task he neglected. When they came to Contour Financial, Jack and Terry had twenty accounts spread among different brokers. There was no strategy, and the investments hadn’t been looked at in years.

What proved to be a boon for Jack and Terry was that Contour Financial was able to address their concerns. This was not a “one shot” project. Ongoing support was provided. As markets, conditions and laws change, so does their planning. They can sleep well knowing that nothing is going to fall through the cracks.

Contour Financial provided a total solution. Jack and Terry’s investments were consolidated at Charles Schwab, and managed by our firm. With a comprehensive investment strategy in place, the days of investments not being looked at for years were long gone. Outsourcing the work, however, did not cause Jack and Terry to cede any control. They are still involved in all major decisions, and their accounts are setup so that any changes must be approved by them beforehand. With a coherent investment strategy presented in writing, Jack is overseeing his investments again.